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Turn MORE Prospects into Clients with proven selling methodology

Learn the secrets of successful high-ticket, high-producing consultative sales teams

Drive your sales people to greater success by filling their toolboxes with expert closing skills

We’ll teach your sales team to:

Turn MORE Prospects into Clients with proven selling methodology.

…Increase client conversions by 10% – 20% or more — and stop wasting expensive leads!

…Drive your sales team to greater success by filling their toolboxes with expert skills.

…Apply the 7 immutable rules of high-ticket service sales, on EVERY CALL

…Understand the big difference between “features” and “benefits.”

...Learn Top Sales Management skills to turn your salespeople into successful closers. 

Successfully position your business against a large field of strong competitors.

…Learn how to price your services for greater profitability.

…Write RFP responses that instill buyer confidence  and WIN more projects.

…Turn every phone inquiry into a productive consulting session.

…Deliver proposals that convert prospects into loyal clients.

…Grow client projects into long-term relationships to create ongoing revenue.

…Maintain healthy client relationships with sensible payment strategies.

…Avoid misunderstandings by establishing clear and practical objectives and expectations.

…Deal with difficult clients (yup, everyone has ‘em).

Building successful businesses since 1985

We began way back in 1985 by creating powerful outbound telemarketing programs and in-home sales teams for residential heating oil companies that brought in more than 20,000 new service contracts (worth approximately $25 Million in annual revenue).

And then, once the Internet heated up, we created the first online directory of resources for web builders, recognized globally (and fondly) as, where we established an advertising platform that again generated millions of dollars in revenue.

We’ve been helping companies grow ever since.

More recently, we took one small web design agency from $250,000 annually to more than $1 Million in annual sales, by sharing our proven consultative approach to inbound inquiries that inspired trust, increased client engagement, and multiplied onboarding by 4X.


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Who we work with

We teach best-practice consultative selling and negotiating skills and work with all kinds of companies, especially digital agencies such as Web Design and SEO agencies. Although we work with companies of all shapes and sizes, our typical client is a medium-to-large  “high-ticket” (high dollar, high value) digital agency who sells services rather than durable goods. 

Signature Process


How many leads does it take to close a sale?


Whatever your number is, we concentrate on improving that percentage, step by step. “Continuous improvement” is the key concept here. In Japan they call this: Kaizen. We review your current process, interact with your team and learn your service objectives and revenue channels. Next, we start making small tweaks and improvements that result in a higher number of sales, greater returns, and deeper understanding of what is required for you to become REALLYBIG. We begin with small gains at first, and then we collaborate to further build on top of every improvement made thus far. Working together as a team, this proven process becomes the natural path toward success, and your company continues to see increased revenue and growth.



The Sino-Japanese word meaning, Continuous Improvement or Change for the better.

Founder’s Message

Thank you for taking a serious interest in growing your agency! Who am I? I’m an Independent Business & Technology Management Consultant with more than 20 years experience in web development, web agency development, and internet success strategies. I specialize in high-ticket, high-value sales, sales management, contract negotiation, client acquisition, client engagement & retention, successful RFP development and technical proposal delivery. 

I’ve owned the domain since 1997 and it treated me very well for many years as the leading online resource for early pioneer web builders. So now, after twenty years, I’ve decided to make it work for you by sharing what we’ve learned.

I’ve gathered together a truly wonderful team of skilled and passionate sales management consultants, who are excited about turning your company into something REALLYBIG!

–Jeff Singer

Point Kaizen

It is one of the most commonly implemented types of Kaizen. It happens very quickly and usually without much planning. As soon as something is found broken or incorrect, quick and immediate measures are taken to correct the issues.

These measures are generally small, isolated and easy to implement; however they can have a huge impact.